Data Archiving

Saves a LOT of Dough

Store old data on Amazon S3
Query with Amazon Athena
Save Millions

Archive that Data

  • Move databases to AWS S3 warehouse
  • Query with SQL workbench
  • Wire up access with jdbc

Track that Data

  • Track metadata with AWS Data Catalog
  • Track all on-premise databases too
  • Used with data migration, reporting and integration

View that Data

  • JDBC access
  • Data warehouse reports
  • AWS QuickSight Dashboards and Business Intelligence
  • Existing web applications
  • AVquest custom forms

Assessment + Pilot

  • Create a Cost Benefit Analysis
  • AWS components: S3, Athena, Data Catalog
  • Pilot S3 and a Athena
  • Data access via SQL Workbench and jdbc
  • Demo Athena Vault AVquest for read access
  • Show financial gains

Data Warehouse Consulting

We offer a wide range of consulting for archiving and retrieving data to and from AWS data sources

  • Archival Program Management
  • Data Assessment
  • Reporting
  • Integrations
  • Application Development

Contact us to talk
requirements and solutions.


Data for the People!

  • Search forms
  • Ad-Hoc queries
  • Easy to use filters
  • Save to Excel
  • Easy Report generation
  • Dashboards
Calculate how much dough you will save
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Monthly DR Disk Cost per TB 0
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Monthly Server Cost 0
Monthly Maintenance Cost 0
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Yearly Licensing Costs 0
Yearly Upgrade Costs 0
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