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You don't need Athena Vault Profession Services if your team already has AWS expertise and would like to archive data to AWS S3.

The following recipe is the procedure we use at Athena Vault:

Start with a pilot program

  • Find 1-3 datasets that are good candidates
  • Plan the project including resources, testing, and security
  • Get set up with AWS S3 and Athena
  • Build out the cost benefit analysis
  • Do some rudimentary data analysis

Archive that Data

  • Extract the data to CSV
  • Move databases to AWS S3 for data storage
  • Query with SQL workbench (monitor query times)
  • Validate data transfer

Track that Data

  • Track metadata with AWS Data Catalog
  • Track all on-premise databases too
  • Used with data migration, reporting and integration

View that Data

  • Query the data using SQL workbench
  • Query the data with jdbc
  • JDBC access
  • Generate reports with AWS QuickSight
  • Access the data with existing applications if applicable
  • Consider using AVquest for end user access


  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Evaluate advantages and lessons learned

Next Steps

  • Identify additional archive candidates and savings
  • Build out the data migration team
  • Start using AWS Data Migration Services
  • Catalog all enterprise data